“Wine” – an invention undergoing rapid historical change

Where have ideas about wine evolved from? Read the public access version of my review of Paul Lukacs’ Inventing Wine here.

At the end of the review of Lukacs’ book I ask how we might expect the massively rapid rise in wine drinking – and indeed wine growing – in China to bring new ideas to the cultural construction of ‘wine’.

As China now has the world’s second largest vineyard plantings, after Spain, we can expect the traditions of attaching meaning to wine production, distribution and consumption to take a new and intriguing directions.

And the blogger’s challenge? Postponed for more pressing matters for the Vines, Wine & Identity project.  Details in project newsletters.


About @DrJulieMcIntyre

Historian of nature/culture through studies of wine production, trade and consumption. Also trans-imperialism, migration, mobilities and business. Budding connoisseur of Semillon and Riesling.
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